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Are you ready for some pampering? If so, it must be time for a manicure from Fancy Nails! Whether it’s a natural or an artificial nail, our classic manicures become a relaxing experience as soon as they begin.

Your visit will always start with a smile and a seat. To start the process, our manicures begin with a warm and fragrant nail soak. If necessary, any prior nail polish or gel is removed gently and expertly. Our professionals pay special attention to your cuticle bed while cutting and shaping your nails to the desired shape and length. Your nails will feel brand new once buffed and trimmed to perfection.

Next, one of the best parts of a Fancy Nail manicure begins: the hand massage. With creamy lotions, our staff will slowly massage your fingers, hands and forearms. Feel free to close your eyes and completely relax while this soothing massage moisturizes the skin and the nail bed, as well as trimmed cuticles.

Soon, your nails are ready for a finishing touch. What should you choose? Do you want acrylics? Gel? Just some simple polish? There are many decisions. Let our team help you decide. Depending on your lifestyle, use of your hands or any special events coming up, Fancy Nails will assist in finding the perfect finish for your newly manicured nails.

While traditional nail polish is still widely used for manicures, the permanence and quick drying of the gel application has become mainstream. Try this out and your gel color will look flawless for at least 14 days!

Stop in to our Tannersville shop for your new manicure today. Whether you want acrylics, gel or just a simple polish, we make your hands happy! Don’t forget to accessorize your nails with hand-drawn designs, accent rhinestones or a touch of sparkle!

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